Other Projects

Disturbingly Normal, by J.D. Lenzen
Fusion Knotting

In addition to his novel work, J.D. Lenzen is also the creator of the highly acclaimed YouTube channel "Tying It All Together" and the producer of over 200 instructional videos. He's been formally recognized by the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) for his contributions to knotting, and is the originator of Fusion Knotting — innovative knots created through the merging of different knot elements or knotting techniques.

His book, Decorative Fusion Knots, was published in November of 2010. Featuring both fusion and historical knots (60 in all), the book skillfully guides readers through Lenzen's process of creating knots, utilizing over 600 step-by-step photographs, each accompanied by clear, easy to understand captions, to inform and inspire. For more information regarding Lenzen's knotwork or instructional videos visit FusionKnots.com

Kitch Creations SubversivePOP

Also an accomplished artist, J.D. Lenzen draws and paints characters he calls "Moles", hairless figures that personify concepts and ideas the fall between the cracks of description. Like most of the color choices he makes to demonstrate his knots and ties, each painting or piece is a colorific expression of the creativity and fantastic images that routinely fill Lenzen's mind. See more of his artwork at SubversivePOP.com.