Disturbingly Normal, by J.D. Lenzen
The Author

J.D. Lenzen's experience of life is as dynamic and multifaceted as his writing. Holding multiple degrees in the sciences (a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Environmental Chemistry), he approaches his subject matter with a keen eye for detail, and an uncanny understanding of the complex interconnectedness of people, places, and scenes. Far from a distant observer, he lives the stories he tells. Integrating his life into the lives of the characters he writes about—people he knows, has struggled with, and (in some cases) against. Each and every one of his books, however fantastic, are steeped in reality. And it's this fact, above all others, that compels his readers to keep turning pages!

Lenzen's third novel, Park Days (2012), is now available through various online and select storefront retailers. His second novel, Disturbingly Normal (2010) and his first novel, Soft Candy (2007) are both available online, in stores, and here on ChapterProjects.com through "Pay What You Can" pricing (visit the Downloads page for more information).

J.D. Lenzen can be contacted directly via email at Mr.Lenzen@gmail.com.

What people are saying about J.D. Lenzen

"Two thumbs up for Mr. Lenzen."
               - GAgal

"...right up there with Richard Bach and Dan Millman, with a Bay Area counter culture twist."
               - Hayoka

"While reading Park Days, I was taken on a journey of self-exploration. I was taken to a place where Life is considered a Gift,..."
               - Brian Carideo

"I enjoyed going along for the ride JD Lenzen took me on. Good read from start to finish, I could not put Park Days down until I finished it!"
               - Cleo Dubois

"...I was also homeless in SF(as is the main character), so I found it very comforting that most of the things in the book were very accurate and the sort of culture that I felt in many of the places J.D. describes, are also accurate. I love that sort of attention to factual details."
               - Kris the Girl

"J. D. Lenzen has done it again! Another gripping story guaranteed to make you lose sleep from not being able to put it down."
               - LoopyLacer