Park Days, by J.D. Lenzen barnes and noble
Park Days
A derealized homeless man named Daniel Park returns to self-awareness following a miraculous event witnessed by a group of young cyber hipsters. Assisted by the generosity of their unofficial group leader, photographer and self described "hacktivist" Jack Rosenblum, Daniel sets off on an accelerated quest to unravel his past. With each truth uncovered, Jack finds himself increasingly distanced from Daniel, a man he quickly realizes is hell-bent on reconnecting with Escape — a rare psychedelic drug that when consumed results in a dreamlike reality that lasts months, possibly even years.

Park Days Decoded

Disturbingly Normal, by J.D. Lenzen barnes and noble pay what you can
Disturbingly Normal
Disturbingly Normal is the story of Jonathan Normal, a moody, sensitive guy who picks up dead bodies for an Oakland, California, mortuary. One day, for reasons he doesn't understand, he "slips into a blur" while working. When he returns to his senses, he finds himself on the side of an isolated road with a receipt for an aluminum baseball bat in his pocket and a bludgeoned corpse at his side. Fired by the mortuary, Jonathan sets off on a prophetic journey of uncommon insight — slowly unfolding the dark reasons behind his uncharacteristically brutal act.

Disturbingly Normal Decoded

Soft CAndy, by J.D. Lenzen Soft Candy, available at Soft Candy, available at Barnes and Noble Soft Candy, available on iTunes pay what you can
Soft Candy
Set in the Bay Area during the dot-com days of the late nineties, Soft Candy is the story of Saint Swithin McGuire, a Napa Valley concierge turned personal assistant to Dave Bennett, the CEO of Fueled by blind bravado, a new job, and the happenstance acquisition of several hundred tabs of LSD, Saint Swithin quickly descends into the morally depleted excesses of underground dance communities, drugs, and the San Francisco dot-com lifestyle.

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Short Film Projects
Alongside his novels, J.D. Lenzen also dabbles in film production. His first short film, a project based on chapter one of Disturbingly Normal, captures his voice and vision profoundly well; and provides a visceral experience equal to his written words. Working with award winning director and cinematographer Steve Gatlin, the short film is a gripping and eerily real portrayal of the book. See the film and learn more about the people who made it happen by clicking on the link below.

Disturbingly Normal, the movie

Featured Audio
The link below provides access to an audio file (MP3) of J.D. Lenzen reading Chapter 8 (The Emo Poet) of Disturbingly Normal. Check back for more featured audio, including readings from Lenzen's other books and short stories.

The Emo Poet

Featured Artwork
See 12 chapter images by artist and illustrator R. Black by visiting the link below. Featured in J.D. Lenzen's second novel, Disturbingly Normal, each image is based upon people from Lenzen's life.

Artwork by R. Black